Melinda Annear

Shine at Nine 9, Lansdown Road
Bude EX23 8BH

Melinda is a Kinesiologist.

07876 191216

In Melinda's own words: "Do you feel something is not right, physically or emotionally, but you’re not sure why? Do you struggle to believe in yourself and live to your full potential? Do you struggle with anxiety, worry and realising your worth? Do you yearn for deeper healing and optimal health? Melinda Annear helps unlock your body’s innate healing ability, using techniques that help release your subconscious, mental, emotional and physical blocks from your mind, body and energy field. Systematic Kinesiology is a complementary therapy suitable for all age groups including children. It aims to create harmony and balance to all aspects of the person, by working with the inter-relationship between body structure, biochemistry, the mind/ emotions, and energy systems. It is a truly holistic approach to mental and physical wellbeing. Melinda has helped individuals with anxiousness, depressed mood, worry, trauma, phobias, bladder & bowel problems, joint & muscle pain, hormonal imbalance, digestion, gut & stomach issues, food sensitivities, fatigue, chronic illnesses, plus many more. Systematic Kinesiology uses gentle muscle-testing corresponding to different parts of the body, to discover any elements that could affect an individual’s health. By using a range of gentle, yet powerful techniques, some individuals experience instant change and balance. Melinda Annear BA(Hons), Dip. ASK, ITEC, DHP Acc. Hyp, is based in Bude, fully insured by Balens, is a Professional Member of The Kinesiology Association and is registered with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council."

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